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Pediatric Ophthalmology

What is General Pediatric ?

Pediatric ophthalmology is a medical specialty that treats visual disorders and eye diseases in children, whether they are babies, child or adolescents. To treat the sight of infants, it is necessary to be a specialist because their sight is growing, techniques and diseases are not the same as in adults. Particular care should be taken to monitor the sight of premature babies.

What are eye diseases for children ?

Children develop different eye pathologies such as :

  • amblyopia : anomaly of the vision at a difference of view between the two eyes

  • strabismus : which is often seen as spotting

  • tearing : when children tend to have very sensitive eyes and often tears

  • retractive disorders : myopia, hyperopia, astigmatism, anisometropia

It is also possible for children to develop other diseases such as congenital cataracts, retinal diseases, eye inflammation or allergies.

When should I consult in pediatric ophthalmology ?


  • If the child is considered to be at risk, that is, premature, with a genetic disease, if one of the parents is wearing glasses or has a strabismus.

  • If the child shows signs of visual impairment.

  • In case of abnormality, for example if the child has white pupils, opalescent cornea, a white spot on the cornea, tearing, spotty or too sensitive to light.

How does a pediatric ophthalmology consultation take place ?

Consultation with the specialist is very gentle. As a rule, the child can even stay on the knees of his parents if he wants to. The consultation begins with an interview with the parents to know the family history. Then the doctor or his collaborators carry out the clinical examination of the child. It tests the shrinking reflex of the pupil, it checks the proper functioning of each eye, it presents colored objects to see if the child reacts and follows the movements with the eyes. He can then inject drops and detect possible corneal abnormalities with a microscope. Only if the child is more than 3 years old, he will measure the visual acuity from afar, closely and the perception of the relief.

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