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Oculoplastic Surgery

What is oculoplasty ?

Oculoplastic surgery Plastic Eye Surgery is the ophthalmological specialty that treats all the alterations that occur in the periocular area such as eyelids, eyebrows, eye orbit or tear among others. Oculoplasty involves both functional and aesthetic interventions.

This type of surgery to reconstruct or embellish the eye area must be managed by an ophthalmologist who specializes in oculoplastic surgery.

All types of oculoplasty treatments

Oculoplasty includes many operations including:

Blepharoplasty :

Cosmetic eyelid surgery. Micro-incisions are made to remove excess skin on the eyelid that manifests with the weight of years.


Ectropion :

The inner part of the eyelid turns outwards causing the globe of the eye to lose contact with the eyelid. It is linked to aging but it can also be congenital, scar or paralytic.


Entropion :

Ts the opposite of ectropion. The eyelid rotates in the eye which may cause contact between the eyeball and eyelashes. This causes irritation.

Other operations such as: eyelid tumours, ptosis (or fallen eyelids), thyroid ophthalmology, fallen eyebrows, orbital decompression, tear-line destructure, enucleation or evisceration.

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